FASTWÜRMS Visual Artists
Mulmur, Ontario
Video by Silent Tower Inc. (Priscilla Galvez and Jeff Pavlopoulos)

FASTWÜRMS was formed in 1979. It is the cultural project, trademark, and shared authorship of Kim Kozzi and Dai Skuse. FASTWÜRMS create poly-disciplinary works of art that mix performance and performative events into the context of immersive installations, collective making and social exchange projects. FASTWÜRMS’ artwork is characterized by a determined DIY sensibility, Witch Nation identity politics, and a keen allegiance towards working class, queer alliance, and artist collaborations. FASTWÜRMS is a Witch polity and epistemology creating and circulating aesthetic knowledge as a shared emancipation and liberation narrative. They have exhibited works around the world, taught at arts schools in Canada, namely at the University of Guelph’s School of Fine Art and Music, and created permanent public art commissions. Their works are held in many public museums and private collections. FASTWÜRMS are based in Mulmur, Ontario.

“As an artist duo, FASTWÜRMS have done things that are incomparable in scope, longevity and scale. However, it is their impact through intergenerational collaboration with other artists that will have an even deeper effect—one that is felt through affective exchange rather than mammoth object production. [...] Their contribution to the work of other artists through these collaborations is generous, never competitive, radically supportive, inclusive and positive.” 

Nominators: Artists Diane Borsato, Deirdre Logue, and Allyson Mitchell

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“FASTWÜRMS have done things that are incomparable in scope, longevity and scale.”

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